Sunday, November 17, 2013

Talk about Relaxed Home Blogging

It's been so relaxing I haven't posted here since March 2013, it's nearly Christmas 2013. We're going to go way off topic here. You see, many things in my life have changed since the last time I posted an article here or anywhere else really. Stop guessing, I certainly have not won any type of lottery or come into some grand inheritance... life's just been busy and priorities change.

Saying it has been relaxing since the time of my last posting is an exaggeration of course, it's been anything but. I have learned many facts about human nature and at least 90% of them will not make a person smile.

Shall you be the king of the jungle or a minion of the mindless? I show to you a blank canvas, but how do we acquire one that is fresh and free to draw upon? You will need a corn broom to bat the wasps that guard the stock. Let's flip now, have you ever been on the hiring end of a company and have you been through a few interviews with potential employees in the last while? Oh, how I wish there were a magic Genie who could miraculously find the ideal employee... but alas, thus far I have not found that Genie.

Soon, I intend to get back to being me. I have gathered a large amount of data over the past months and I will strive to share some of it with you soon. You don't have to talk about just business ideas when you are blogging but you need to follow specific patterns they do say. Well really you don't but if you want your words of wisdom to be found, you do need a certain concentration of words that you wish to be found with. The search engines, as well all know, shall bring you the followers.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Bad Service - Does it Grate on You?

Let’s talk about bad service and how it affects you when you’re on the receiving end of it? There are many things that make you wonder as to why you receive the bad service; is it just you or do they treat the majority of customers in the same manner as they do you? Let me say from personal experience I have found it was more than just myself that was on the receiving end of less than remarkable customer service.

I do not expect the clerk to jump through hoops and be forced to tolerate overly rude and demanding customers; but I think most of us would like to be greeted with a sincere smile and at least be shown that they put in an effort to be pleasant and helpful. I for one do not like to leave a store or place of business and feel worse than before I got there, as if I have been affronted. Unfortunately for me, the bad service that I sometimes experience tends to stick with me for quite some time, and I will do my best to not return to this place of business if at all possible.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Plight of the Employer

It’s rather apparent that the majority of us only think of things from our own point of view, as the employee, perhaps we need to start thinking a bit more thoroughly and look at both sides of the coin. Why is it always, ‘What does the company do for me?’ aren’t we supposed to be working for the company and seeing what we can do for them as well?

The employee has rights, but the employer also has rights; this is a simple rule that you need to remember. This is not to say that you need to bend over backwards for your employer, but you must fulfill your job requirements, you also have ethical obligations that you should adhere to.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Get Content – Get Links – Guest Blogging

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Free Online Forums

Are you looking to add free online forums to your website? You can create an embeddable forum for free with; you’ll get unlimited posting, unlimited members, 15 recent topics, 5 sub-forums and you can upgrade at any time for more options – costs starting at just $5.00 per month if you choose to upgrade.

Many will ask the question, ‘Do I want, or even need a forum?’ and the answer I find is ‘Of course you do”. If you go over to ProBoards you’ll see that you can create free online forums – It’s free, it’s remotely hosted, it’s reliable, simple and customizable. Create a forum of your choosing where like-minded persons can share their ideas and yours. Take a look at the ProBoards Forum Directory to get an idea of the possibilities that are available to you.

If you’re looking to promote a business you already have you can also post free ads online at Make sure you stay within the rules when posting and no private messaging to persons or entities that you have no affiliation with in an attempt to can market or advertise your services. Free online forums rules must be followed if you want to remain a member make your posts informative and worthwhile.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Start on Online Business for $100

Today I was searching for online business ideas and came across an article that gives you some great ideas on how to start an online business for $100 and stick it to the man. The article goes through several helpful steps from finding an affordable Web Host and getting free logos and design work.

Most of us already know where we can get bonus income; at least those of us that are hoping to make a go of it with an online business that does not cost thousands of dollars to start up. Google Adsense is free to add to your site and you can earn a bit of coin off of it as well. You can sign up as an affiliate with several online companies like Amazon or Ebay as well; but don’t over advertise on your site. Keep it fresh and keep it clean.

We need to remember the golden rule, if we don’t promote our business; no one is likely to find it. But we need to promote a product or service that is going to sell, something that people want and something that the average person can afford.

There is one important decision you need to make and that is whether or not you want to do this under a business name or under your own personal name. Many people do create a business name to receive these payments under; it’s simpler and looks more professional looking. If you decide you would like to create a business name you need to go and check it out at your local town or city hall; fees are relatively low. Caution: If you do not want to be held personally liable you need to create for yourself an incorporated business entity to work under.