Sunday, January 29, 2012

Okotoks Edo Restaurant

I had often walked by the Edo restaurant, assuming it was only Sushi, never bothering to check it out further. A couple of days ago a friend and I were going to have a late lunch at an Indian Restaurant but did not think that they might be closed in the afternoon.

The Edo happened to be right beside the place we were attempting to go to, my friend said, 'Why don't we go there?' I said 'Ew, I don't like raw fish'; she continues to educate me by saying 'No, they have regular cooked food as well'. I'm a bit surprised after assuming all this time that the Edo was a Sushi place and stayed clear of it. Therefore I said okay, I will give it a try and I am glad I did.

The Food was good, that is most important and I find the prices very fair compared to other places. The service was fast and they even brought our order over to the table. The Edo is a stand and order establishment, in case you are wondering.

I will say that I was impressed with the taste and portions of food that we purchased and will definitely be returning to sample out more of their menu choices.
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